Muzzi Srl produces Diamond and CBN electroplated tools.

These tools are being used amongst many industries::


1 – the shaping of marble and soft stones;

2 – production of brakes used in cars, tractors and transport vehicles;

3 – precision grinding of very hard materials used in the mechanical industry;

4 –  cast iron fettling cleaning, deburring and cutting.


Among all grinding processes, the electroplated tool represents a niche with relatively low volumes, but steadily growing .

Indeed, the electroplated tool makes it possible to attain tight tolerances in the grinding of complex shapes.

In the last years the electroplated tool proved itself efficient in cast iron grinding, replacing the conventional abrasive wheel, both in automated grinding cells and in hand grinding shops.


Until now the production typology did not foster the use of automation.

As a matter of fact, the market requires a lot of custom tools and fewer standard products.


Thanks to Muzzi’s growth in the cast iron grinding market and its ability to develop small and simple consumer goods, the situation is changing.


For this reason, and also thanks to the contribution of our region and Europe (“Programma operativo del Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale (Por Fesr) 2014-2020 of Regione Emilia-Romagna”), a robotic cell for the production of electroplated diamond tools has been realized. The aim is :


  • to favour a partial revision of the production process
  • to improve the efficiency and the safety of the end-users of grinding products
  • to reduce production costs and increase the company competitiveness
  • to improve the safety of our workers
  • to attain energy savings
  • to minimise the consumption of chemical products
  • to propose efficient and environmentally friendly tools to the market 


The automated plant has been active for a few months now and it is deeply changing our company.


The production of certain important articles has completely changed, with regard to efficiency and quality.


Moreover, this first experience, shows us clearly what the future will be.


The automated plant has been conceived for the production of small tools and allows for strong economies of scale when dealing with many pieces.


It is yet very flexible and efficient in the production of small series, too.


If you are interested in evaluating a new offer

If you think that the introduction of this new plant can have a positive impact on the tools you are using or marketing

If you need the guarantee of a perfect reproducibility

If you are just curious about what we can do for you


do contact us!