Muzzi Srl produces Diamond and CBN electroplated tools.


Electroplated tools allow obtaining tight tolerances when grinding complex shapes.


in fact, electroplated tools are made of a layer of super abrasive crystals, bonded electrochemically to the steel core with a nickel bond.

The nickel coating retains diamond or CBN crystals, whose tips protrude from the bonding approx half their dimension.

Therefore, the adhesion of every single crystal is very good.

At the same time, the cutting edges, protruding out of the bonding surface, make the cut very aggressive, leaving large areas for the debris to flow away.


In many precision grinding shops, the grinding of complex shapes is still performed with a conventional abrasive wheel.

The purchasing cost of the wheel is relatively low, but the grinding process is often very time-consuming.


Grinding depth is normally a few hundredths of a millimetre.

The conventional wheel has to be dressed very often and the execution of profiles requires a lot of technique and ‘savoir-faire’.


Moreover, the conventional wheel is almost never ‘universal’: in order to grind different materials, different wheel ‘recipes’ have to be used.


On the other hand, some articles that need grinding may be partially coated with ceramic or carbide layers.


In all these cases, it is foreseeable to deeply modify the grinding process through the introduction of an electroplated wheel.


Together with our customers, we developed a huge number of different applications. For example:


  • edge shaping of very special stainless steel strips
  • precise shaping of ‘seeger’ seats on tempered steel shafts
  • shape grinding on steel shafts coated with a wear-resistant ceramic layer
  • polishing of small ceramic parts for the aerospace industry
  • grinding of complex shapes on parts made of Inconel


All these stories are successful stories, telling us about dramatically reduced cycle time, ground profiles with tight tolerances and easily achieved finishing specs.


If your grinding processes are slow and repetitive

If you are not satisfied with the results of your machining activities

If you think there is scope to improve the process or the product within your company


do contact us!


Our application engineers are at your complete disposal and will discuss with you the opportunity to introduce the electroplated wheel within your production process.

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