Grinding wheels

Since 1980 Muzzi s.r.l. has been producing a large variety of diamond and CBN wheels for precision grinding.
These wheels find their application in the mechanical industry to assure the highest precision levels in finishing operations.
Our wheels are produced and tested to certificate their precision. On customer request, we supply ‘test certificates’ and, when necessary, we produce a ground plate. This way, our customer can verify directly the attained geometry.
For higher quality exigences, we agree with our customers specific ‘test protocols’.

On customer request, we supply dimensional and balancing certificates.

Grinding wheels for internal grinding

We manufacture a wide range of internal grinding pins, mostly produced with D126 and B126 grit sizes.
On smaller diameter pins, we normally propose smaller grit sizes.
Send us your request for diamond and CBN grinding wheels and pins.
Together with standard articles available in stock, we produce and supply special wheels, produced according to your specific exigences.


Grinding wheels for compression springs

The grinding operation of compression springs can be successfully performed with electroplated CBN wheels.
Thanks to a long cooperation with important customers and with grinding machine producers, we have a significant experience in this field.
The overall precision of the system machine-wheel and the correct choice of the abrasive can lead to very good performances both on carbon and stainless steel.

The electroplated CBN wheel for the grinding of compression springs does not modify its geometry during the usage.
Set-up times are drastically reduced.
The electroplated wheel does not require dressing, therefore dressing time is zero.
When the electroplated wheel is completely worn out, one has to substitute it and to send the worn wheel to Muzzi to regenerate the abrasive layer.

For the grinding of spring wires up to Ø1,7, both carbon and stainless steel, our CBN wheels can effectively substitute standard abrasive wheels.

Thanks to the partnership with important grinding machine producers, our product is emerging in quality and reliability.


High precision grinding wheels

High precision grinding operations are used where tight tolerances and surface finish are required.
Among them one can count : internal grinding (ID), external grinding, surface grinding, centerless grinding.

In normal grinding operations, standard abrasive wheels with different shapes are successfully being used.
In some cases, electroplated CBN and diamond wheels can also be effective.
The choice of the best technology is exquisitely a technical-economical issue.
Our application engineers are at your disposal to study the feasibility of your grinding projects.
Being a production company, we are able to realise custom wheels according to your specific exigences, taking advantage of 3D modeling and FEM analysis softwares.