Custom-made projects

We can design the tool according to your specifications and needs.

To achieve best results we utilise 3D modelling software which includes stress analysis capabilities.

We discuss with you and advise on the best abrasive required, grit size, dimension, tolerances and test protocols.


The regeneration of electroplated tools is achieved through the removal of worn abrasive and the plating of a new layer of diamond or CBN.

This process requires precision and competence, and we trust in being able to assist you in every phase of the process.

Pre and after-sales support

We are here for you at any point during the production cycle, be that the designing of your grinding process or the project of your new grinding equipment.

We can assist with defining important parameters such as the right grinding strategy, the speed, feed rate and coolant.

During production, we will work alongside your company to improve on grinding efficiency and minimise production costs.