MS – Spherical grinding pins

MS – Spherical grinding pins


Ideal for deburring, finishing and marking.

Sphere diameter ranges from 0.8 mm up to 15 mm.

The quality of the stainless steel support, the precision of the deposit, the type and size of the diamond ensures a higher yield than the market average.

MS 0,80,8353D107
MS 1,01,0353D107
MS 1,31,3353D107
MS 1,51,5353D107
MS 2,02,0353D151
MS 3,03,0353D151
MS 4,04,0353D151
MS 4,54,5353D151
MS 5,05,0353D151
MS 6,06,0353D151
MS 7,07,0353D151
MS 8,08,0353D151
MS 9,09,0353D151
MS 1010,0353D151
MS 1212,0353D151
MS 6 G66,0706D151
MS 7 G67,0706D151
MS 8 G68,0706D151
MS 9 G69,0706D151
MS 10 G610,0706D151
MS 12 G612,0706D151
MS 15 G615,0706D151