Cooperation with the companies c-parts and Reichmann

CEO c-parts GmbH Stefan Reutter, CEO Stefan Reichmann sowie Vertriebsleiter Raffael Dineiger

From the left : the CEO of c-parts GmbH, Stefan Reutter, the CEO of Reichmann GmbH, Stefan Reichmann, and the Sales Manager of Reichmann, Rafael Dineiger












We congratulate our partner c-parts GmbH for the successful cooperation with the company Reichmann & Sohn GmbH, which took over the intellectual property of the company MAUS srl in 2021.
With the new MAUS Line, Reichmann presents a new generation of automatic grinding systems that focus on the maximum advantage for the user. This is obtained with an innovative control system to simplify programming and an optimised machine design. All machines of the new MAUS series are equipped as standard with the proven Muzzi diamond tools and optionally with the newly developed changing system for contour and internal grinding. The achieved result is a convincing overall package that sets new standards in the automatic grinding of castings.