Electroplated Diamonds are the most modern, efficient and green technology for cutting cast iron.

The manual cutting discs are used on standard angle grinders.

You can find our range of cutting discs for hand cutting here: Diamond discs for cast iron

We do not have a catalogue for cutting and deburring discs to be used on Numerical Control machines and Robotised systems.

We design and produce cutting discs and grinding wheels according to the requirements of machine manufacturers and users.

The experience gained over the years and the countless tests carried out in the deburring and cutting departments have enabled us to develop one of the best products on the market.

Recently, thanks to the collaboration with the company Metalgi based in Riese Pio X (TV), we have developed a cutting disc with exceptional productivity.

The disc that is normally offered – by us and by our competitors – has a D711 diamond grit size coating.

The D711 diamond grit size is reasonably priced and works quite well when cutting small bindings and sprues.

When dealing with larger attachments and sprues, the contact time between the disc and the cast iron is considerably longer.

Under these conditions, the disc cannot adequately dissipate the heat generated in the cutting zone.

Even with all due care, the heat generated can cause irreparable damage to the diamond deposit (Picture 1).

Picture 1: the standard cutting disc with D711 diamond grit size shows signs of overheating and areas where the abrasive hascome off due to the excessive temperature.

For technical reasons outlined above, the performance of standard D711 discs is not adequate.

Features and advantages of the new MUZZI diamond blade

On the basis of our many previous experiences and in consultation with Mr. Federico Gazzola, owner of the company and responsible for the CNC deburring machines, we developed a diamond disc with the following features:

  • very high quality diamond and very large crystals. The grit size used is D1181 (16/18 mesh) and is approximately twice the size of the D711 grit
  • steel core with increased thickness to minimise side bending during cutting and allow better heat dissipation
  • large diamond surface on the sides of the disc to keep the cut open and prevent the disc from rubbing against the workpiece

This disc has been mounted on a MAUS 2000 machine (Picture 2) and is used to make particularly demanding cuts.

Picture 2: The D1181 disc mounted on the MAUS 2000 machine

The working parameters and cutting strategies have been refined by Mr Federico Gazzola.

The result is a disc with exceptional performance.
For confidentiality reasons, we cannot show pictures of the machined part.

However, we can state that we performed a considerable number of cuts on very large casting attachments.

The volume of cast iron that has been removed is clearly shown in Pictures number 3 and 4.

The colour of the cut surface will not escape the notice of the most attentive technicians.

It appears clear and this is a sign that the strong heat developed during the cut has been properly disposed of and that the cut zone has not suffered any thermal shock.

The disc has not deteriorated and continues to work undeterred.

In light of this and other results, we invite our customers and all of those who are willing to improve their cutting and deburring operations, to contact us.

It will be a pleasure to put our expertise at your service.

Picture 3: box containing a part of the feeders that have been cut with the D1181 grit size disc.
Picture 4: detail of the cut surfaces